Imps of the Perverse

Crouching tigers, dangerous to woo, aiming sex and ego at disparate age demographics


Macy Gray
The Trouble With Being Myself

Both women crouch nearly nude on their album covers, gazing with feral yet somehow fetal reproach at potential consumers, like naughty fairy changelings who’ve had wings snapped off. Similar to Shakespearean sprites, these fey creatures seem a little mean, dangerous to woo. Mya’s Moodring and Macy Gray’s The Trouble With Being Myself are third-album efforts for both artists, who aim seductive funk at disparate peer groups. Ten years Macy’s junior, Mya panders to teens and twentysomethings, while Macy’s dark sense of humor is best appreciated by those over 25. Continue reading “Imps of the Perverse”